API Libraries


API Libraries to support your language

The following API Libraries and their associated sample code have been provided by Fat Zebra, or contributed by the development community (where noted). If you require an API Library in a language not listed please contact us or consider contributing your own.

No warranty is provided for this sample code and if you choose to use them within your code we recommend that you thoroughly review the code yourself to understand its functionality and security risks associated.


Ruby support for Fat Zebra is provided by two gems - Active Merchant and the Fat Zebra gem. Both of these gems (in the case of Active Merchant, the Fat Zebra support) are maintained by Fat Zebra.


The Fat Zebra PHP Library is available from our Github repository at fatzebra/PHP-Library.git

This library is under development and included in a number of our PHP based integration. There is also a WordPress variant available (utilising wp_remote_post instead of cURL) upon request.


The .NET Library has recently been released and rapidly improved due to customer demand. The library source can be found at fatzebra/.NET-Library and the binaries can be downloaded from the repository downloads page.

This library is being continually developed as required.

More Languages coming soon

As demand increases we are adding additional libraries and wrappers to support Fat Zebra.

If you require a library or wrapper for your project please let us know so we can prioritise its development.