The Frequently and Infrequently Asked Questions

There's a lot of questions when it comes to accepting credit cards online, but we're here to help.

We've collected the most common questions we field from our merchants, and added in a few corner cases which no doubt apply to other merchants, to hopefully shed some light on taking payments online.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Once you complete our registration form, our team will review your details and get you up and running within 24 hours, provided you have an established Internet Merchant Facility. If you still need to setup an Internet Merchant Facility it might take a bit longer, but we can help out with that, and there is no extra charge.

Can I start integrating with Fat Zebra while I wait?

Yes. You can start to integrate against our test system before you sign up. Check out our API
to see how.

Do I need to sign any contracts?

No. signing up is as simple as completing our registration form.

When do I have to pay the annual fee?

You don't pay anything until you activate your account - we know that building a new site, integrating with a payment gateway and ironing out niggling bugs can take time, so we don't take a cent until you go live.

What type of payments can I accept?

Fat Zebra supports MasterCard, VISA, JCB and American Express. If you wish to accept American Express and JCB on your website there is a separate application process with the schemes. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

Can I customise a plan to suit my business?

Of course! We've setup a form just for this purpose - let us know what you're looking for and we're more then happy to tailor a plan to suit your needs.

Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes you can. If you find that you need to change your plan, you can easily change it by contacting us, or by logging into your dashboard and heading to 'my plan'. The change will take place at the start of your new billing cycle.

When I charge someone using Fat Zebra, what do they see on their Credit Card statement?

This is dependent on your agreement with your Internet Merchant Facility bank. Most banks will be able to setup an identifier based on your business or your website.

What information do I need to provide to use Fat Zebra?

Signing up with Fat Zebra is simple. We have a short registration form you need to submit. No paperwork!

Can I process refunds with Fat Zebra?

Yes. Our dashboard will allow you to process refunds on any transaction processed by Fat Zebra. There is also functionality in the API to refund a transaction.

Do I get charged for a refund?

Yes. A refund is seen as a transaction and will add to your monthly transactions.

Do you have any Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policies?

Yes we do. Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy explain everything. But if you have any questions please contact us and we'll be more then happy to answer your questions.

When will the money I charge with Fat Zebra end up in my bank account?

Most payments processed by Fat Zebra will appear in your merchant account by the following business day - this will usually be mentioned within your Internet Merchant Facility letter of offer.

I have an infrequently asked question!

Not a problem. Would love to hear it at support@fatzebra.com.au