Getting Started


What, how and why?

Getting started can be daunting and seem somewhat complicated. Understanding the basics will help ease the pain and help you get under way in no time. 

Here's a few simple points to get you on your way.

What Do I need to start taking credit card payments on my website?

There are a few things you need to consider before taking credit card payments on your website. These include things such as changes to your policies (refunds, privacy etc), security considerations (SSL certificates, making sure you are PCI Compliant) and working with your merchant bank to setup an Internet Merchant Facility.

I have an EFTPOS merchant facility, do I need something else or will this work?

Unfortunately an Internet Merchant Facility is different from an EFTPOS merchant facility - while they both accept credit card payments there are different fees and charges involved, as well as differences in the contractual obligations and requirements between you and your bank. Due to the nature of online shopping there is additional risk management the banks must undertake before setting up your merchant facility.

Security - what do I need?

First and foremost we insist that you have an SSL certificate for your website – while it is another expense involved the additional benefits outweigh this expense. An SSL certificate helps build trust with your customers and can ensure that their personal details (not only their credit card details) are kept safe and secure.

In additional to this its also useful to ensure that you are PCI Compliant as a merchant - most people believe that if they are not storing credit card details in their system then they are safe, however PCI DSS also includes the transmission of credit card data. Not only this, but credit card data can be unintentionally logged on your web server, which leaves the details available for theft if your servers are hacked (however unlikely this might be).


While Fat Zebra cannot develop a website for your business we can recommend developers who can help you with your project.

All developers we recommend are reviewed by Fat Zebra before being considered for recommendation to our merchants and Fat Zebra do not receive any commission or referral fees. If you would like for us to provide you with recommendations please contact us

Carts - How do I get my cart to work with Fat Zebra?

Fat Zebra is currently supported by a number of popular carts, with this number growing by the day. If your cart does not support Fat Zebra for payments please contact us with your details, including the name of your cart software and we will look into helping with the integration.

If your cart already supports Fat Zebra then integration is usually as simple as changing the payment gateway option and entering your username and token. These details can be found under the API tab on the My Account page in the Merchant Dashboard


The legal stuff


Policies for your website

Disclaimer: Fat Zebra can not offer any legal advice and recommends that you seek professional advice regarding any requirements or policies when it comes to your business.

Most merchant facilities will require changes to your existing policies, or additional policies added to your website. These policies mainly cover information around returns and refunds. You should check with your merchant bank to ensure you are meeting their requirements and as always consider seeking legal advice for these terms and conditions.