Owning Your Data


Your Data is Always Yours

When you use a payment gateway a large amount of data is accumulated - but in the long run, who is the owner of the data. What if you decide to use a different payment gateway?

Fat Zebra believes that the data stored within a payment gateway belongs to the merchant, and if you should choose to use a different payment gateway we will happily facilitate the data transfer to your new provider.


What about security?

Requirements around Credit Card data security are mandated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). These requirements include details around the storage and transport of cardholder data.

In order for your data to be moved to another payment gateway there is a process which is in place to ensure that security and integrity is maintained:

  1. A formal request is sent from the new gateway to Fat Zebra
  2. Fat Zebra verifies the PCI-DSS AoC for the new gateway
  3. Fat Zebra requests the new gateways public key for encryption
  4. Your data is exported to a plain-text file (or files) and then encrypted with the new gateways public key. This means that the only party able to decrypt the data is the new gateway, with their private key
  5. The data is then delivered to the new gateway through one of the following methods: Hand Delivery, Secure Courier or Secure File Transfer Protocol
  6. We (unfortunately) say goodbye to you as a merchant

What if my gateway won't send the data?

This is a relatively new process, with both Australian and US based internet payment gateways - so there is bound to be some teething problems. We find it best that you ask your current gateway first for them to send the data to us (if that's the case) and we are more then happy to with with them to make it happen.

Is there a cost involved?

For data being sent to or from Fat Zebra there is no charge - this is just another value added service we provide to our merchants, even if you are leaving us. That being said your current gateway (if you are coming to us) may charge you for the time involved for the transfer and any additional expenses (for example, courier costs).


Get in touch with us and we are more then happy to answer any questions you have.