Testing with Fat Zebra

We want to help ensure that going live with your website is a painless and stress free process.

To help reassure you we have built a fully featured sandbox environment designed to replicate the live system entirely - the only difference is no money changes hand. Fat Zebra also provides a set of test card numbers you can use to test your integration completely.

How do I test my website with Fat Zebra?

When you are registered with Fat Zebra you will be provided with a Test Account, which includes its own username and token. Using these details will ensure that transactions are not sent to your live merchant facility but allow you to do a full end-to-end test from your site to our service.

Testing with variable cards will generate a response based on the cent-amount of the transaction - for example if the transaction amount is $100.51 (10051) then the response code will be 51 - Expired Card, and a transaction with the amount $200.00 (20000) will have the response code 00 - Approved.

Card Numbers

These card numbers are valid for use with Fat Zebra:


Fat Zebra will return errors to you in plain text format. When you receive your response from Fat Zebra you should check the response payload for the success value - this will be true or false depending on the outcome - please note, this only indicates if the request was accepted by Fat Zebra and then sent to your merchant bank, not if the transaction was approved or declined.

If the request is not successful you should check the errors value to see where the problem lies.

If the request is successful you should then check the response value and inspect the status value to determine whether or not the transaction was approved or declined.

Some of the errors you may receive include:

  • Invalid card number
  • Invalid expiry date (e.g. invalid format, or expiry date past)
  • Invalid amount
  • Invalid original transaction reference (in the case of refunds)

What are Web Hooks?

Web Hooks are URLs on your website which Fat Zebra sends data to when an event occurs with your account. An example of this would be when a recurring payment has successfully transacted, or when a stored credit card number is about to expire and requires updating.

How do I test Web Hooks?

Web Hooks defined in your dashboard can be tested by clicking the Test Webhook icon on the right of the table.